Chef Jessie Washington

Jessie Washington, owner of the Brunchaholics food stand at Dallas Farmers Market, wants to shake up the Dallas brunch scene.

Brunchaholics originally started out as a brunch blog but then combined with my childhood dreams of being a chef. I currently operate out of the Dallas Farmer’s Market under “The Shed”. Be sure to check the Instagram page which has the most up to date info in case the site does not answer your questions. Brunchaholics is growing and I am beyond greatful! Brunchaholics has some great things coming in the near future so stay tuned!

If interested in investing, send correspondence to chefwash@brunchaholics.com


Food Network – Most Over The Top Burritos In The Country

Dallas Observer Award Р2019 Best Burrito 

D Magazine – Best Soul Food in Dallas

Dallas Morning News Article

Dallas Morning News IGTV Interview

Dallas Observer Article (2018)

7 Replies to “About”

  1. When and where will you be next in Dallas? I really want to visit your stand and try the food. I almost drooled over a burrito photo filled with soul food.

  2. Good afternoon,

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