Nick & Sam's Grill – Dallas, TX

Now when it comes to Nick & Sam’s there are multiple locations. I was saddened to find out they closed the Uptown location which was the first I went to a few years back. I believe I had seafood and spinach enchiladas (on special that day) and about 3 carafes. Safe to say it was a good day, but this review is about a different location located near the Addison area off of Preston road.


Now when I say this place is nice. THIS PLACE IS NICE!!! In fact, one of the nicest brunches I’ve been to. They have an open kitchen and an upscale set up that a date would be proud to be brought to. It is definitely not a place to show up looking like a slouch. I would compare it to one of my older reviews, 51fifteen, in the Houston Galleria area.


As I have been pleasantly finding out, Dallas knows how to do brunch. Nick & Sam’s menu is creative but simple. They’re known for their steaks and pizza, so I ordered something that was true to their culture. I decided on the breakfast pizza, which I’ve never ordered because I honestly never had faith in it. To me, it just doesn’t make sense as an upscale brunch item. It usually reminds me of an old cafeteria lunch breakfast pizza coming from the the bearded lady with the white apron (no offense ?). Anyways, the waiter finally sold me on it, plus I was trying to stray away from the cliche chicken and waffles anyway. My fellow Brunchaholics ordered the Captain Crunch crusted French toast and the ABC omelette (other top brunch sellers).


Nick & Sam’s – Eggs Benny


Now I know I talked down on the idea of a breakfast pizza earlier. But when it arrived… BOYYYYYY  I could not stop eating it. Literally. I ate the whole pizza in one sitting. I’m not even sure if I was breathing between the time I started and finished. It was the sh**!! I mean, ff I had a choice between one night with Meagan Good and this pizza, I might be at odds. (I’m lying, I love Meagan Good, but it’s that f****** good.) The over easy eggs with the cheese and arugula were everything, and surprisingly, the marinara was light but didn’t ruin the taste. I’ve got to try out their regular pizza the next time I go back.
My fellow Brunchaholics loved their food as well. The French toast was melt in your mouth good and the omelette was cooked great, which I hold to a high standard.


Nick & Sam’s – Captain Crunch French Toast

I hate over cooked omelettes. You know, when the egg is all crunchy and the texture is like sand paper. Omelettes are supposed to be somewhat creamy and fluffy and fork tender like a buttery steak. Kudos to these guys for handling business in the kitchen.


Nick & Sam’s – ‘ABC’ Scramble

Nick & Sam’s sells the orange crack by the carafe. They are not stingy with the champagne by any means. 1-2 carafes will have you appreciating the libations, so drink with caution. Then again, as a good friend of mine says “you ain’t drinking to get sober”.

At the end of the day I have no complaints about Nick & Sam’s. I will be back.

5 out of 5 for the greatness I experienced here. On all levels — from hostess to waiter to the kitchen. The bartender was cool too. Brunch is only on Sunday’s so don’t come looking for this on a Saturday!!

Brunchaholics Out!!

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