Grazia – Pearland, TX

Grazia is a small Italian restaurant in the growing Pearland area with amazing pizza, amazing wine selection, and authentic Italian recipes. I recently went there for dinner and returned once I found out they offered brunch.


The atmosphere is amazing! Very romantic setting – low lit with a brick fire pizza oven in the center. If you go during the week they have a prohibition style event they do by request Monday through Wednesday. You have to call Grazia to set this up. Supposedly, they have hidden tunnels inside and secret compartments. I’m definitely looking forward to attending one of these events one day.
The place is pretty small so make a reservation or call early if you are going for dinner. As far as brunch, their hours are only 11-1PM on Sundays, but I’ve never seen it packed during those hours.


I went to brunch here twice to get a feel of the plates and drinks, plus it’s down the street from my house so it’s a convienent location.

The first time I went I had the Sicilian omelette.

The second time I went I had the country fried Ribeye. After having the omelette, I was excited to try this entree. I’m a a big fan of country fried anything so this was right up my alley. Sadly, I was dissapointed by the meal. The breading on the steak was mushy as if it had been sitting for a while or possibly kept in a warmer. The gravy was not flavored at all. With that being said, the mashed potatoes were very tasty – a buttery garlic decadent form of potatoes. The egg on top should have been cooked more with some salt and pepper added. Multiple patrons told me it was “THE dish” to order, but I was left wanting more flavor and much better execution.


If you’ve read some of my earlier posts you know that I am not a fan of Bloody Mary’s. I just don’t think tomato should be involved anywhere near a drink (don’t let V8 fool you) – especially not alcohol. However, since I started this blog I told myself I would be open-minded and try a few.

Grazia prides themselves on their Bloody Mary’s and deservedly so. If you’re into Bloody Mary’s this is the place to go. I was impressed. It definitely changed my opinion of Bloody Mary’s. I expected Bloody Mary’s to be straight up disgusting, but it wasn’t. So I’ll probably order more in the future… maybe lol.

They also have a mimosa special similar to Cyclone Anaya’s – $10 with penny refills. Can’t beat that! There’s only one bartender so you may have to wait a little bit, but nothing so bad you’ll be turned off from the place. They have very good service and get their food out pretty quickly.

After two visits, I loved the mimosas but the food I had needed some more work. I would rather come here for dinner instead of brunch, but if you want a few mimosas or a Bloody Mary I suggest you check it out. Who knows, maybe I just came on a bad day.

Grazia: 3 out of 5

Brunchaholics OUT!

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