Pie 314 Lewisville/ The Colony, TX

Pie 314 is hidden in an amazing community in Lewisville/The Colony. As you drive, make sure to take a tour of the houses because they are amazing! I’m talking golf courses and laden landscapes galore. It’s hidden inside a shopping center which is hidden inside the neighborhood. It’s a treasure chest of shopping if you will. The atmosphere is very laid back and open. Outside seating is provided with fans for the hot summer months. It’s a very good place to bring family, whether it be during lunch or dinner. They add a white overlay to the tablecloths for the children for drawing, while waiting on their food. They even have the game Southside similar to Social House that keeps the fun going. This was literally the best service I’ve ever been given by the way —our waiter Shayne, best ever. 


Their brunch menu is simple and straight to the point. I ordered the brisket and biscuits, as well as the breakfast tacos which came highly recommended by the waiter and rightfully so because they were amazing! Such fresh decadent ingredients…and the tacos were top of the line; easily some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

Now back to the brisket and biscuits….. speechless…and I mean that in a good way. Not only do you get homemade country gravy but you also get brisket in its own BBQ sauce along with your choice style of 2 eggs. I went with the soft scramble with cheese which was incorporated into the meal. I may have been one of the first to order due to the waiter’s confusion initially, but best believe they delivered. In addition to the amazing menu items I had, they also have french toast with captain crunch berries (Inside Out French Toast) and the Killer WitsI will be back to try them all. Their pizza is to die for by the way, and I may have to write a separate blog post just on that.


$10 bottomless mimosas…what more do I need to say?! I’m almost sure they have an orange juice machine that sprays little amounts into pools of champagne. I mean, they already have my taste buds tingling with the food and now my sobriety is near the edge! The mimosas are banging and you don’t even have to order a brunch entree to enjoy them.

5 out of 5. Pie 314 easily made the Brunchaholics Best of 2016, and we’re not even done for the year!

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