Social House – Dallas, TX (Uptown)

Trash can beer pong? Check. Bubble battles? Check. Brunch? Check. Free on a Saturday or  Sunday morning and need something to do? Check out Social House where you literally have no choice but to be… social.

With multiple locations in the Dallas area, you can pick your poison. If you want to actually play the games, then Uptown is your best bet.


I have been to Social House twice. The first time the food was underwhelming and just not to my liking. But this second time…man oh man. Talk about a comeback story. I ordered the short rib hash while my friends had chicken and waffles as well as the beignets.

The short rib hash had a decadent gravy with tender short ribs, and they weren’t stingy about it at all. With a fresh over-easy egg on top with a perfectly cooked yolk, I was impressed. The only thing I would change is the “hash” portion of the meal— it actually needed some more hash. Outside of that, I loved it and will be ordering again.

The chicken and waffles were decent. I had a small taste but my friends raved about how good it was and ordered it twice. So safe to say, you shouldn’t be dissapointed.

I’m not much of a sweets person but the beignets were not only displayed beautifully, they tasted the way that they looked.


As you all know, I’m a frequent participant of mimosa indulgence. I’m here today to tell you that social house probably  has the most variations of mimosas, as well as some of the strongest. I’ve literally been knocked on my ass both times I’ve gone. When you walk in you can see them pouring bottle after bottle of champagne into a huge dispenser. When carafes are ordered they fill the carafe 3/4, then the rest is the juice of your choice: orange, peach, pineapple, cranberry, etc. They only charge $1 for carafe refills.
I truly enjoyed my experience this time around and I recommend you all go to Social House at your earliest convenience. I wasn’t joking in my previous post about Dallas having better brunch. Looks like I’ll be moving here in about 2 weeks.

Social House receives a 4 out of 5
Brunchaholics Out!!!!

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