Angela’s At The Crosswalk – Plano, TX

Whenever you are on the east side of Plano, you must be sure to stop by Angela’s at the Crosswalk. This laid-back eatery is located in Historic Downtown Plano just off of 15th street when exiting Plano Parkway. This joint is not only known for their comfort food and specialty cocktails,  but they sure do know how to attract a crowd with their live music.


Now let's get to the important meal of the day. (BRUNCH)

I'm a very big Bloody Mary fan, but I wouldn't recommend pairing your delicious brunch with their House Bloody Mary.

When it comes to their Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner, I can't complain, each meal is made suitable towards your liking. The Bloody Mary, on the other hand, was made with Absolute Vodka. The first sip was so overbearing, I wasn't able to taste any of the tomato-based mixer or any spices paired with it.


But that did not stop this foodie's show. I ended up getting a delicious mimosa ( which was only $3) Shortly after I was introduced to Angel's Belgian Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream to perfection. Five main important components to a perfected waffle.

Homemade, Buttered, Rich, Circumference, Golden.

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Overall I really enjoyed myself at Angela's At The Crosswalk- I'm actually going to go back for lunch because I've heard really good things about their meatloaf. And with their interior designing set up, it really makes you feel at ease, relaxed at home feeling. Now the service was okay, I would highly recommend the servers picking up their pace and being very attentive when working in a food industry. The owner that newly took over was amazing and very informative,  on a scale out of five I would rank them a 2.5.

This is your favorite foodie lover from Brunchaholics signing out.

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