State and Allen – Uptown- Dallas, TX

Uptown’s only Bloody Mary bar!!!

I want to start by saying I’m thankful for all the suggestions I get for brunch. Without them, I would have never found this gem. State & Allen offers superb brunch-fare in an easy to digest portion while offering customer service and atmosphere that’s second to none!!

The Eats

Crab Cake Benedict - State and Allen
Crab Cakes & Eggs

For starters, the perfection in the cook of the food here is amazing. Eggs perfectly runny. The potatoes are unique as they use purple potatoes. The color may throw you off initially but the technique is all there.

State and Allen omelet
State & Allen Omelet

The namesake omelet filled w/ Tasso ham, cheddar, and parmesan. Throw in those famous potatoes and perfectly crisp toast and you have a delicate special here

Eggs and Bacon - State and Allen
State & Allen Eggs & Bacon

I also enjoyed the Eggs in a basket, which is 2 eggs cooked inside of toast (Egg in a hole) served with bacon and potatoes. If you haven’t noticed the purple potatoes come with basically everything. Check out the rest of the menu →.

chicken and waffles
Chicken & Waffle


bloody mary state and allen
Yelp/ Sherry L. 

The main attraction is here. State & Allen pride themselves on their bloody mary bar, which has any and all options for the tomato and vodka connoisseur. I myself am not a fan but Brunchaholics welcomes all drink choices so no shade here.

Mimosas are sold by the glass. $3 per fill, $6 if you want a double. They’re not stingy with the champagne either.

Yelp/ Valencia C. 

As this review comes to an end.
I will be visiting this great uptown spot again. I love the atmosphere, the food, and the drinks. The service is here was quick and prompt on my visit. Our waiter even sent us over to City Council as part of a running joke they have. State & Allen gets a 4 out of 5 from yours truly! Until next time!


Brunchaholics out!


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