City Council Restaurant & Bar -Dallas, TX – Uptown

The perfect blend of a sports bar and outdoor patio.  City Council combines top-notch food and an atmosphere that makes it hard to leave.

The Atmosphere

I love coming here to watch games on Sunday. If your team is playing after brunch hours, the place clears out pretty quick and you can have your pick of the litter as far as seats go. They have more than enough Tv’s and an NFL Sunday Ticket package that’s sure to please. Any game can be seen!

City council also doubles as an Alabama Football Bar. So show up early College Football Saturday if you are looking to get a seat. They have a huge patio that can hold about 200 people for any given outing so don’t fret if you cant find a seat inside.


The Eats

I have been here about 4 times. Although it’s not a brunch item I order the wings damn near every time I come.  They’re some of the best in the city!

As for brunch the menu is expansive and boasts some great creativity.  The buffalo chicken and waffle s which at first may sound daunting and confusing actually works very well. Their homemade buffalo sauce is to die for and packs a flavorful punch that’s not overbearing with heat but still manifests itself as a top of the line buffalo sauce. I pray they begin to sell it. *  insert eye emoji**

Next on the list is the OG. A  gravy covered piece of chicken served on an open-faced biscuit with the help of the all so mighty bacon and a side of potatoes. Not to mention they top the chicken with your choice of eggs. I personally prefer sunny side up, but scramble still gets the job done.

The breakfast burrito comes in a grilled tortilla stuffed with chorizo, bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and topped with queso fresco and crema, avocado, and ranchero sauce

In addition to the above-mentioned food, City Council has a nice gimmick up there sleeve called boozy cereal. In all honesty, I have wanted to try it every time but I always chicken out last minute. I’ll probably try it next time but I guess we will see. See more of City Council’s Menu!


Photo of City Council Restaurant & Bar - Dallas, TX, United States. Got the Coco Puffs boozy cereal, yum.
Yelp/Steph H.
The Coco Puffs Boozy Cereal


City council sells carafes by the boatload and with good reason. They take the level up a notch by using extra brut bubbles.  IF you are not familiar with the effectiveness of mimosas, let me fill you in. The drier the bubbles the better the mimosa. Brut and extra dry are the usual go tos… but… Extra Brut is a game changer. HAs a much more distinct taste and gives your mimosa a lot of body and flavor compared to most places.

All in all, I am absolutely in love with this place and will always come back. whether its brunch or watching a few games and ordering some wings this is the place to be.  I give City Council a 4 out of 5!!!

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