Top 5 Most Cliche’ Brunch Items

We all love brunch and we all play a part in the menus created by the brunch establishment. Now I’m not saying these are unsatisfactory brunch items. I just think they need a little facelift. Let’s add some creativity back to the “meal” that’s taking over the world. Brunchaholics tune in!

5. The “American Breakfast”


I’m so sick and tired of seeing this on brunch menus. This is not a Denny’s Grand Slam. Put all that 2x2x2 bull on the a la carte menu and come up with an actual menu. Then you get the choice of pancakes or french toast. First off… why is french toast a part of the American breakfast??? But that is neither here nor there. Let’s do better people.

4. Hash

I love a good hash but you gotta have some creativity with it. My favorite hash so far is the sweet potato hash from Sundown at Grenada. A close second is the Smoked Brisket hash from Eberhard. If we can keep the hash fresh and funky like those I mentioned I’m all for it

3. Steak & Eggs

This is everywhere. This is the menu item your dad orders when you force him to brunch because he doesn’t understand the hype. It’s so boring and mundane. Some restaurants do a good job of mixing it up with a chicken fried ribeye but we still need a little more. Stop ordering this, please. Stay home and don’t partake in the brunch experience if you just wanna waste everyone’s time with this boring ass meal.

2. Eggs Benedict

You can find it on any brunch table. The only thing that keeps this from being number 1 is the ridiculous fear of people who don’t like “runny” eggs. The people who fit this category of “runny” egg haters need to grow the hell up. When I first got into brunch this was my go to. I soon grew tired of it. The inconsistencies between restaurants combined with the fact that I’ll be hungry again in 30 minutes began to wear on me.

1. Chicken N Waffles

Numero uno on the list is the infamous chicken and waffles. This is hands down the most cliche’ brunch item ever ordered. First time at brunch?… chicken n waffles. Been to brunch a few times and now you’re trying a new brunch establishment out.. chicken n waffles… Walk-in hasn’t seen the menu… “Aye, yall got chicken and waffles?” You get the point.

In these peoples defense… Everybody loves fried chicken, but at least get a new age twist. Maybe a jalapeno cheddar waffles with coffee crusted chicken and a fireball infused syrup. Let’s switch it up a bit people.

This is on the customers for not demanding it and the restaurant for not trying. Stop settling for mediocre food and lets set this culinary world on fire! Brunchaholics out!!

P.S. Stop eating at IHOP and Denny’s, how can you realistically respect a place that sells powdered eggs… grow up


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