Chef Jessie Washington

Jessie Washington, owner of the Brunchaholics food stand at Dallas Farmers Market, wants to shake up the Dallas brunch scene.


My name is Jessie Washington and I am addicted to Brunch. (Hi Jessie) I made this blog to help somewhat educate people about brunch as well as share all the great things about it. I am Texas Tech Grad as well as a chef. Since the creation of this blog a lot has progressed! I hope to have my own food truck soon and eventually turn that into a diner and so on and so on. ( If you want to hear more about that please send me an email) I am the original Brunchaholic, and I’m here to turn all of you into addicts! Follow me on my journey as I share my brunch experiences and scratch-made dishes with you. Follow us on IG for updates!!!



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  1. When and where will you be next in Dallas? I really want to visit your stand and try the food. I almost drooled over a burrito photo filled with soul food.

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