Royal Oak Bar & Grill

Let me start off by saying that Royal Oak Bar and Grill is an amazing place to catch sporting events, especially if you sit out on the back patio. It’s like a personal viewing party because they have huge TVs. The atmosphere is really laid back yet fun at the same time. It’s a good place to strike up random conversation and meet some cool folks. I did some great networking there.

BUT, now that the political fluff statement is done. Let’s get to the real: (See Below)


Fail #1

As you can see from my initial paragraph, this place has the potential to be amazing but failed due to some short-comings in some key areas. First off, the mimosas I heard about which got me into the building in the first place turned out to be very disappointing. As a Brunchaholic, when you hear $8 mimosa pitchers, your eyes light up like Times Square at New Year’s. Sadly, those pitchers were WEAKKKKKK. So weak in fact, that I had to ask the waitress to make them stronger after the first two. (Yes, I had two pitchers first lol. I split them, but still.) You can usually feel a good mimosa after a few glasses, but the only results were that my stomach was full and my sobriety was still intact.

Fail #2

Their brunch menu isnt very expansive but has enough variety to please just about everyone. Unless you REALLLLY want breakfast food, you shouldn’t be disappointed. I ordered the Cali skillet which consists of scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, avocado, house salsa, and hash browns topped with melted cheese served with an english muffin. The ambition of this dish was greater than the execution. The skillet came to the table looking pretty good, but the flavor was nonexistent. I basically drowned the skillet with the table assisted Cholula (shoutout to the table for being game ready). In addition to the lack of flavor, the eggs were overcooked. They were scrambled yet crispy. I don’t even know how that happens. But you can see the heat lamp/ salamander abuse in the pic below.  (Come on fam. Gots to do better.)


Fail #3

To add to the above fails, the service was as close to complete as Donald Trump’s comb over — in other words, it wasn’t. To be fair, I was a waiter in high school for about 3 and half years, so I understand things can happen and you can get sidetracked or caught up with a specific situation. Those types of situations are fine, but 20 to 30-minute waits in between seeing your waiter/waitress when your place of business is no where near full is unacceptable, especially when we just sat down. I waited 15 minutes before I was even spoken to. (Patience is a virtue. It’s almost like when you’re texting your crush and their reply is taking forever but you see they’re on Facebook, Twitter and IG posting pics and replying to comments. Meanwhile you’re just sitting there looking at your phone like a forgotten puppy with an empty bowl.)

All in all Royal Oaks wasn’t THAT bad, but I have to be honest about what matters most to me when evaluating a brunch. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and have a few options, don’t go here. Royal Oak if you read this and want some consulting work, I got you.
With that being said, Royal Oak Bar & Grill receives a 2 out of 5. It would have been a 1 but after requesting stronger mimosas they stepped it up to a respectable level. Unfortunately for them, the service and food was not enough to make up for it. Service should always be great and consistent, not just an option when you complain.

Brunchaholics Out!



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