Whistle Britches- Addison, TX

Whistle Britches the modern chicken kitchen located in Addison, TX just north of Dallas. Food so good I had to come back multiple times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Ironically if I would have gone that one time Whistle Britches would be looking at a 5 out of 5. But unfortunately, Whistle Britches dropped in quality on my later visits. Find out more below.

The Eats

Now if you’re wondering if I am referring to the food here then you are mistaken. The food here is amazing. Chicken fried perfectly. Could use just a little more seasoning but salt ain’t for everybody.


The garlic butter fires are A1. Don’t even waste your time with the regular fries. Some entrees come with chips so be sure to sub those out for the aforementioned fries or their decadent mac n cheese.


Click here to check out the rest of their menu!


Now, this is where the drop in quality comes. During my first visit, the mimosas were potent and fulfilling. MY second and third time… not so much. and recently I found out that they discontinued their bottomless mimosas. My guess is they were either taking a loss financially or… the fun police (TABC) stepped in. Either way, the mimosas give no buzz and I had plenty. If they can rectify the Mimosa situation I think they will be ok. In addition to mimosas, they have an extensive drink list that’s worth checking out


Overall I really like whistle britches and obviously, will return as I’ve already returned 3 times. the food is amazing. the menu . is simple, yet fulfilling and the service is friendly. They definitely need to work on their promptness but they try. The manager is a very nice guy and he makes sure to greet everyone and check on any issues going on. The placeĀ fills up pretty fast so get there early! All in all, Give Whistle Britches a 4 out of 5. Brunchaholcis out!!


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